28/02/2017 Life EWAS Results Presented in Seville, Spain (20 Feb. 2017) - up to 60% less collection services for Glass Containers.

The Results of the LIFE EWAS project for the pilot cities of Seville and Chania were presented on the 20th of February at the EMASESA headquarters in Seville, Spain.

Partners of the project presented the results of the implementation of ICT tools into the collection of different waste streams at the pilot areas of Seville and Chania. Furthermore, the partnership presented the developed social platform, ('socialplatform.life-ewas.eu '), where citizens can obtain information about the importance and benefits of recycling, offering advice to contribute to the improvement of urban waste management processes and report incidents on the status of the  connected bins.


Title: Efficient and sustainable waste management methodologies using ICT tools enabling GHG emissions reduction

Grant agreement no.:  LIFE13 ENV/ES/000725

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