Ewas Events

14 July 2016- Life EWAS Workshop in Athens, Greece



13 July 2016- Life EWAS Technical Meeting in Athens, Greece

1-2 February 2016- Life EWAS Technical Meeting in Barcelona, Spain

25 September 2015-Life EWAS Regional Workshop in Chania, Greece 

23-24 September 2015- 4th EWAS Work Meeting in Chania, Greece

3-4 March 2015 - 3rd EWAS partners' meeting, Seville, Spain


07-08/11/14 - 2nd EWAS partners' meeting, Vilanova, Barcelona, Spain


17-18/07/14 - Kick Off Meeting of the EWAS Project, Seville Spain

Title: Efficient and sustainable waste management methodologies using ICT tools enabling GHG emissions reduction

Grant agreement no.:  LIFE13 ENV/ES/000725

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